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We take care of your trees


Professional Tree Felling Service

On the North Shore of Montreal, secure your property with our residential tree felling service. Faced with frequent ice storms and violent winds, our qualified team acts with caution to eliminate dangerous or weakened trees in the Laval, Terrebonne, Blainville, Rosemère and Boisbriand region. We are the reference in managing risks related to your trees, such as the emerald ash borer, while offering care and pruning solutions adapted to your situation. Count on our expertise to advise you in case of doubt about the health and durability of your trees. Contact us for a free and quick assessment.


Specialists in tree pruning, pruning and pruning: trained arborist experts

Ensure the vitality of your trees with our professional tree pruning service. In Laval, Terrebonne, Blainville, Rosemère, Boisbriand and Mascouche, our team of trained and qualified pruners provide maintenance adapted to each species and urban space. Whether for safety, aesthetics or to optimize exposure to the sun in your yard, our tailor-made arboriculture services meet your needs. Our expert pruners promote the harmonious growth of your trees in an urban environment, while preserving their health. Trust our expertise for pruning that reflects the beauty of your outdoor space. Contact us now for a free, personalized assessment of your pruning needs.

stump removal

professional stump removal: Remove harmful stumps safely and effectively

Transform your outdoor space with our professional stump removal service. In Terrebonne, Mascouche and Laval, we efficiently remove the stumps of felled trees to preserve safety and free up space for new landscaping. Our experienced team uses precise equipment that preserves the integrity of the surrounding area, thereby improving the aesthetics of your yard. The use of stump removal for a bulky stump requires short lead times, for this reason we offer rapid visits. Contact us now for a personalized assessment of your stump removal needs.


Land deforestation: Efficiency, Speed and Safety for your Real Estate Projects

Ready to launch a construction project in the Laurentians, particularly in Blainville, Saint-Jérôme, Bellefeuille, or Mirabel? Whether you are considering residential or commercial construction, we are committed to speeding up the process and ensuring increased efficiency, allowing you to quickly move on to the next steps. We have the equipment and staff necessary for execution as quickly as possible. Trust our specialists for exemplary deforestation, perfectly meeting your needs and respecting the environment of the Laurentides and Lanaudière regions.

Other services


Guying branches at risk: Protect your outdoor space safely with our professional guying service. We reinforce fragile or damaged branches using cables and solid fixings, thus preventing any risk of falling. Our experienced team guarantees careful installation to protect your property and ensure the stability of your trees. Prevent potential damage and enjoy a safe environment with our expert and reliable guying service.

wood chipping

Ecological branch shredding: Opt for our branch shredding service for efficient management of green waste. We transform the branches into reusable wood chips, perfect for mulching or composting. Reduce your carbon footprint while beautifying your outdoor space. Our experienced team ensures a fast and environmentally friendly service. Simplify your green waste management with our professional and sustainable shredding service.

Hedge trimming

Give your hedges a new life with our professional trimming service. Our experts shape your hedges with precision, creating impeccable shapes and a neat appearance. Stimulate their growth, encourage optimal density and enjoy a lush hedge that beautifies your outdoor space. Opt for our expertise in hedge trimming for an aesthetic and lasting result that will enhance your garden

tree plantation

Opt for tree planting with our team of experts! Beautify your environment with species carefully selected to adapt to your climate. Enjoy the ecological, aesthetic benefits and refreshing shade. We ensure precise planting that respects the ecosystem to promote healthy and sustainable growth. Transform your outdoor space with our professional tree planting service and commit to a green future

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