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Pruning Professional: Opt for the health of your trees and the beautification of your outdoor space. Thanks to our expertise in arboriculture, our attention to detail ensures optimal results, creating lasting harmony and a green environment.

Each tree deserves special attention, adapted to its age, its species and its environment. Whether in Lorraine, Blainville, Rosemère, Laval or Ahuntsic, our arboriculture specialists implement tailor-made techniques for the health of your trees and the safety around them. Our dedicated team guarantees optimal results for tree health and their habitat, with a personalized approach. Trust us to preserve their vitality. Your satisfaction is rooted in our commitment!


Our expertise in training pruning guarantees healthy, well-structured growth from the earliest stages of life of your juvenile trees. From selecting pruning techniques to encouraging balanced development, our skilled arborists minimize the risk of future structural problems. Invest in the long-term vitality of your young trees with our training pruning service, synonymous with long-lasting and harmonious growth.


Optimize the growth of your garden by judiciously eliminating superfluous branches, whether they are interfering, dead or greedy, to promote better light. Our pruning service reduces the risk of damage from high winds, allowing your lawn and plants to flourish. Trust our team to ensure a lush and secure garden thanks to our professional pruning expertise.

structural pruning

Our expert arborists use specialized pruning techniques to remove problematic branches, dead or misdirected branches, ensuring optimal rebalancing of the tree’s growth. With our professional structural pruning service, we focus on the safety of surrounding structures, minimizing the risks associated with breakable branches. Choose our pruning expertise to ensure the long-term vitality of your trees, with particular attention to safety and the surrounding tree structure.

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