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Felling and cutting of trees

Need to cut down a dead, risky or bulky tree?

Our experienced team guarantees a secure cut, leaving your yard spotless. Opt for our expertise in felling, ensuring safety and cleanliness for your property.

Experience swift branch chipping for a clutter-free environment in Rosemère, Blainville, and Laval!

On the North Shore of Montreal, our tree felling service gives absolute priority to safety.

Each project begins with a thorough assessment conducted by our arboriculture experts.

Thanks to our qualified team, we carry out complex fellings in complete safety. The use of rope and pulley systems allows controlled dismantling of branches, while the use of a crane, if necessary, ensures efficient and safe execution.

Your safety and that of your property remains our priority.

We anticipate the risks associated with the emerald ash borer and employ advanced felling techniques to prevent its spread. Each felling is meticulously planned to preserve the surrounding environment and minimize risks. Confidently entrust us with the secure management of hazardous tree removal through our skilled team, prioritizing property security. Trust us for expert, risk-free tree removal, preserving your surroundings while eliminating potential dangers. Count on our specialized techniques to ensure a secure environment throughout the process

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We will come quickly to your site and look with you at concrete solutions to take for the health of your trees. Complete our online quote request form and our team will contact you by email within the next 48 hours to schedule an estimate visit.