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tree plantation

Where, when, how and what to plant as a tree?

Rely on our expertise for planting one or more trees. We will ensure that they flourish as they should since our knowledge of species as well as our technique for planting them properly justifies the beauty and growth of all those we have planted to date.

Remember that it can be difficult to know what to choose or avoid for your type of terrain and sunlight as well as the risks related to certain insects or diseases.

This way, we can give you the best advice since this is essential for the development of your tree.

In addition, municipalities generally require that a tree be planted when another is cut down. This is why we offer advantageous turnkey felling packages including felling, stump removal and planting on the same contract.

We also plant cedar hedges.

Do you want to plant a tree yourself? Be sure to follow Tree Canada’s tree planting guide.

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